The Raven's Nest is a collection of NFT projects set out with the goal to utilize the Ravencoin blockchain to its maximum potential.

All assets associated with this site will be under the RAVENS_NEST ravencoin main asset name.

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I started mining crypto in 2021 as a side project to keep myself entertained during the pandemic. After mining various coins, I eventually stumbled upon Ravencoin. I was immediately blown away by the Ravencoin community involvement and support.

Ravencoin has no organization or venture capital group driving its success, it is solely propped up by the people who believe in the project. That is something that really resonated with me; a community driven project, with a real focus on a decentralization, and no figurehead at the top calling all the shots.

After a year or so of mining and holding Raven, I came to realize that I had never used the coin as intended. I did not know how to create or transfer any assets. However, after 20 minutes of research and 500 RVN later, I created my first asset called “RAVENS_NEST”. I was amazed at how easy it was to create assets on the Ravencoin Blockchain!

I started experienmenting with creating subassets and unique assets by creating collections of AI generated images. However, NFT art is not what I envisioned for the major use cases for Ravencoin.

After reading the Ravencoin Whitepaper over, I was inspired to tokenize physical assets on the Ravencoin blockchain.

An Image of a Raven with a futuristic city in the background, dark theme

"RAVENS_NEST#8" an original piece made by ADMRL using mixed media

The base image was made via MidJourney, and enhancements followed using Photoshop

Hover over to see original MidJourney Image